Amazing Street Dancer – MUST WATCH VIDEO

Came across this on YouTube. My god, this guy is TOO good. Besides enjoying his move, love the conversations between the judges and Turf.

Sarah McLachlan – Fallen Video

Have gone through the song so many times, and got the video tonight. Good song recommended by great person who has taste. Check it out!

SinĂ©ad O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U

This song came back to me all of a sudden. Make sure you know the lyrics and you will enjoy it better. Love it much.

The Way We Are – The MV

Love this song. Thank to @DONG_DJ . Will make this one the theme song @ClubSuzieWong . Love to see everyone jumping when this is played.

DJ J-Cue and Bewear @ Club Mix Beijing on Oct 02, 2011

Another great night we had. Start to get more and more fans.

DJ J-Cue & Bewear @ Club Mix Beijing

Latest & hottest hip hop track, Black and Yellow.

DJ J-Cue & Bewear @ Club Mix Beijing

Was playing Who’s That Chick. I always think that samples do help a lot in the mixes. I like to use the one in particular, “D D D D DJ Billy…….”

DJ J-Cue and Bewear at Club Mix Beijing

Had great fun last night. Will try to do more videos like this.

Party Rock Anthem by DJ J-Cue

Everyone went crazy when this one was played. Got a short footage with my small Canon pocket camera.

I Dont Want To Miss A Thing Live MV

Have seen the original MV for many times, and of course, still love it everytime I see it. Found this version and I like it, too. People did enjoy the song very much in the concert.